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Excerpt: Type A


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Rating: PG-13 [language, adult situations]

Author: C. Burns


Stella awoke from her nap to a familiar noise outside her window; the angry echo of The Electorate Authority’s evening patrol, marching along the square in unison. In the early days, she would jump from bed in the mornings and watch as they made their way down the road in front of the compound. Back then, there were competing sounds; those of shouting, sign-carrying dissenters and military tanks rolling over rock and gravel. The everyday folks, shocked and awed, played voyeurs from the safety of their vehicles or stood at the edge of the compound’s lawn gawking at the strange parade. The atmosphere reeked of a collective audacity. There was rebellion then, and people questioned the purpose of such displays.

For as long as she could remember, her home was not a house in a bustling neighborhood of familiar and friendly faces, but a modest room in the sprawling compound for Type A’s; a classification for those who had special gifts, like her. She rolled over in bed, listening to the patrolmen march. From their labored breathing to the rustle of their trousers rubbing leg against leg, the days of picket signs and subversion were gone. In their place a hollow cadence of tarnished glory, being crushed and carried under the blood-stained soles of combat boots. || Read more