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freakquency_tainted love_hopAh, love is a many things, trust, friendship, passion and sometimes insanity.  Today we explore the ups and 58168_Adowns of romance and give new meaning to “My Bloody Valentine.” Please check out the authors linked below for a variety of treats, from stories to musings on the darker side of love. Our first offering  as the questionis from the author of the hour, Caddell Brown. A complimentary teaser of twisted love and obsession.

Fields of Joi by Caddell Brown

 On Halloween night Bethany meets an attractive man by the name of Lance. She leaves the club and the protection of her friends to spend a night with the handsome stranger. Lance gives her a night she will never remember—a night of trippy sex that changes her outlook on one-night stands.

Click HERE to read full story.

Want more? Be sure to pick up a copy of Caddell’s debut erotic pop-thriller, Freakquency. Now available on Amazon for Kindle.


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