About Noma Black

Noma Black is an emerging publishing venture inclusive of up and coming indie authors with exciting ideas and fresh takes on familiar themes. We publish and promote digital works in a way that encourages the odd and quirky rather than reject it. Founded in 2009 by entertainment journalist, Monique Landsberger, Noma Black is the product of her vision to create an online presence that nurtures and encourages fledgling authors with a focus on fiction that not only crosses genres, but emphasizes a multicultural spectrum of storytelling that all readers can appreciate.

For Noma Black authors, we create brands that include, web design, catchy book covers and trailers, manuscript formatting for digital platforms such as Kindle® and Nook®, as well as assist in book promotion. We make it easier for authors to focus on what’s most important, the writing.

To learn more, please view the blog and our frequently asked questions. For authors, if you would like to submit your manuscript to Noma Black, please view our submission guidelines.

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