About Noma Black

Noma Black (NB) is an emerging publishing venture founded by Monique Landsberger that’s inclusive of authors at all levels, backgrounds, and experiences. We’re seeking fresh and exciting ideas with a focus on African-Americans, our culture and folklore. Our goal is to promote digital works in a way that encourages the quirky and subversive.

Founded in 2009, NB is the product of Monique’s vision to create an online presence that nurtures and encourages both experienced and fledgling authors. She¬†promotes her clients’ work using a variety of methods with a focus on brand building in the technological age. This lessens the anxiety about what comes after the book is complete, so that authors can concentrate on what’s most important, the writing.

To learn more, view our submissions and guideline pages. For authors who would like to utilize our professional services, please send your inquiries via the contact form on this website.

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